At the Gender Balance Committee (GBC) of the CRG, chaired by Isabelle Vernos, all the scientific communities are represented, as well as HR . The committee’s goals are to eliminate gender bias in recruitment processes, attract and recruit female scientists, improve work-life balance, promote career development and establish and disseminate gender-sensitive practices. These goals are in line with the EU-funded LIBRA (Leading Innovative Measures to Reach Gender Balance in Research) project coordinated by the CRG.

In 2017, the CRG implemented actions included in the Gender Equality Plan (GEP) which was launched in August 2016 as part of LIBRA. GEP actions focus on four main areas: Recruitment, Career Development, Work-Life Balance and Gender/Sex dimensions of research.

Last year, the GBC’s major focus was Career Development and Recruitment. Some highlights are presented below:

Career Development

  • Two female post-docs from the CRG were selected to participate to the LIBRA Career Development Compass programme that aims to support female researchers on their way to becoming independent researchers and pursuing a career in academia (link). The programme was very well received, and LIBRA is currently investigating opportunities to sustain it for future editions and to allow more post-docs to participate.
  • Following the success of the WOSS: Women Scientists Support Grant implemented by the GBC last year, two calls were opened again in 2017. The WOSS grant scheme aims to provide support to women scientists who have the ambition and the potential to hold a leading position in research but have to face the challenges associated with maternity. In 2017, four women scientists obtained support from WOSS.
  • As in the previous year, the CRG celebrated International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. Flyers highlighting the career tracks of four female CRG alumni after leaving the CRG were distributed to PRBB personnel. A half-day event, including the showing of a movie followed by a debate with a large audience, was also organised on March 8th. (link)
  • A one-day teaching module on computer programming skills was offered to teenager students from the Barcelona area at the CRG to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day (this was a joint initiative of the Communications & PR and women researchers at the institute).


Several actions and measures were implemented to ensure a gender bias-free approach during recruitment processes. These include:

  • New Job advert template, including information about Gender Equality, Work-Life Balance at the CRG and depicting a diverse work environment.
  • A Gender bias video commissioned by the CERCA Institution is now shown to all Group Leader selection panel members to raise awareness of inappropriate procedures.
  • A flyer has also been designed to list the benefits that the CRG provides to support a healthy work-life balance for CRG employees. Such benefits currently include access to childcare facilities, social benefits, dual career opportunities, teleworking etc. The flyer is shared digitally with every candidate that interviews with the CRG.